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the taliban mole's the opening of another front line after more than a decade of war this time planning an assault via the ballot rather than the battlefield. no shortage of ambition as a new generation prepares to take the reins in china the communist party promising to spend everything it needs to cement superpower status. sensors must be coupled with a clear and credible military threat israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu pulls no punches on iran labeling diplomacy a waste of time calling once again for the taking up of arms against terror and its alleged nuclear ambitions. noon in moscow i matter as a good to have you joining us here on r t our top story after more than a decade of conflict hundreds of billions spent in vast numbers killed we may be
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a soon to see the democratic election of a truly stable and representative government in afghanistan though not quite the one many expected or even would like to see take a listen to david cameron my message to the afghans is that we will want. a stroll safe stable democratic afghanistan living in peace and stability with its neighbors we will that country to be run by the full the afghans with an afghan army and police force to provide that security and that stability. it may not though take the form that either cameron or many others would have hoped or expected the taliban entering it may form political party and contest the upcoming presidential vote and by all accounts it does have a solid chance at the ballot this map shows the regions that are either poised for a taliban comeback or have areas already under taliban control seventeen in all according to data from the carnegie endowment earlier i spoke with
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a former afghan m.p. and political analyst daoud sultanzoy who says the taliban must evolve if it wants to secure its chances in the country's future they have to common spell out their agenda and their their ideology so far has been the old system they want em out of afghanistan not republic of afghanistan and so far they have not changed that tone and unless they change that the people of afghanistan will not be supporting it follow up on that want to reverse things back to to the stone age and we cannot afford that afghanistan has to live in this world at the same time having said that this government has so much so many problems that liston world have lost their authority billet in this government has no credibility so in that sort of a situation that taleban had they been smart they would have scored big in the political front but they don't have a political agenda that's why they they're all sort of fumbling but i think the taliban can take advantage of this void and fill that vacuum but they have to come
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forward to a will with a winnable strategy to convince the people of afghanistan that they mean business and they're prepared for the new afghanistan not the old afghans do you think and elected taliban could save face so to speak for the western groups there well they say they may say ok well the taliban is here but this time it's by a vote so that's good enough. i think the west is confused the west is looking for an exit a very speedy exit and there i'm afraid that they will probably do whatever is possible whatever is convenient to put up a very very tedious farm ila and a very temporary fix and they're leave and then things will go back to where air had started that's the problem in the region has to realize that we have to find sustainable fixes for this problem not a temporary face saving thing for the nato to leave and then leave
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a big problem for afghanistan for the neighborhood. raging violence across egypt showing no signs of letting up government buildings to port to seven hundred injured protesters police and the army clash in the city of port side following the deaths of those who've already been killed in the turmoil. first though china's prime minister's opened the grandiose national people's congress in beijing this year is more significant than most because they'll be a passing of power to a new generation of party leaders delegates also will rubber stamp the country's economic social and military goals for the future among aims continued still unparalleled economic growth plus a ten percent boost to military spending environment and anti corruption measures also mentioned reflecting concern over pollution and abuse of office by senior politicians james corbett an expert on the asia pacific region and an editor at the news website corporate report says that there were a number of topics that came up at the meeting for the first time. where we saw
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a couple of the main issues on the table are increasing calls even among the party officials by an increase. in calls for easing of regulations on private capital in china's economy and we're also seeing another big issue right now is the idea of environmental concerns obviously there's been a lot of problems with air quality in china as they snuck into new to develop so that's a huge concern in terms of the foreign relations i think that's something we're going to have to see play out in the coming months but we already have indications that there are more people within the party itself that are calling for china to go its own way in the east china sea so we'll see how that develops with japan china and the us realize that their economies are intimately linked at this point and i think that in more ways than they'd like to admit they are actually on the same side of this conflict as it were and i don't think china can allow the u.s. economy to sink any more than the u.s. economy can cut its ties with i know it's own no matter what the political rhetoric
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might be i think there's actually more collaboration than there is conflict and and that's underscores what's going on in the political arena. online a few right now at r.t. dot com the berlin wall continue to divide as people clashed with police while protesting against the demolition of what's left of the historic barrier click on our website to find out what could replace the city's iconic landmark. and emails and phone calls might not be enough the pentagon looking into ways to transcribe everyone real world conversation into a giant database you should watch your words from now on well find out at our team . egypt support saeed locked in
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a cycle of violence the funerals of those who died in fighting sunday served as a catalyst for more clashes government buildings set ablaze police and the army locked in street battles turmoil started after suspects were held over severe football violence last year moved to prisons outside the city artie's bill true has more. we're seeing very bloody and chaotic scenes coming from the coastal city of port saeed this comes off to a funeral for three people killed and the ministry of health announced to find people to include killed three civilians and the police officers who should be in there very confusing reports of the army and the police fighting each other although we have no confirmation on that the military maintains that the armed forces are in the streets to protect the police and help the police in this situation that is gradually descending this comes ahead of a very important verdict on saturday on this massacre at this point saeed football moscow that occurred february last year with the crash that she broke out on sunday
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just thirty nine of the defendants related to this case that were moved from the prison that they were in families found out about this very angry when security directorates where they started fighting with police even in the funeral imports which is really related towards this verdict and saturday people were chanting against the muslim brotherhood the ruling party here behind the ring party here and also against the president has been a lot of anger in the streets of cairo and also the major cities across the country since the second anniversary of january to do find revolution here on tahrir square and sit in that continues even though security forces attempted to clear it so yesterday morning in fact there's been clashes actually in the capital small clashes on the cornish and what people are saying here is they've seen no change there's major economic worries of the country is below the poverty line people are against this i.m.f. loan that the four point eight billion dollars loan that said the president is trying to push through they also against the constitution they say was. drafted by
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an islamist dominated assembly and in addition we've got parliamentary elections on the horizon that people say you know shouldn't be happening so there's many many grievances here with these clashes erupting across the country and no sign of any of this violence abating anytime soon. anger in cairo further fueled by the visit of the u.s. secretary of state who the opposition believe was only there to push washington's agenda john kerry continued on then to saudi arabia to send joint warnings to iran in syria's leader journals in the old part though things that allying with a country that has no democratic credentials undermines the message well these autocratic go states are the way which the u.s. has two decades maintained its control of the east very important region having these kind of leaders that the undemocratic leaders in saudi arabia bahrain. this is the way in which the u.s. can maintain its control of this very strategically important region and of course now there's a big problem because these governments these autocratic regimes and in the gulf
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are coming under increasing popular pressure and we see now quite clearly that. the u.s. because these great promoters of democracy when it comes to bahrain and saudi arabia not siding with the protest as they're not signing with the opposition they are in syria on the contrary they're sending more military hardware to these countries and they are supporting crackdowns on the opposition. british military faces up to allegations of torture as an inquiry is shown graphic there is some evidence that iraq is were abused at the hands of u.k. soldiers plus. flatfish shows its devotion to the idea of joining the euro zone despite the block's economic woes critics say it's bartering financial safety for political advantage this after a short break stay with us. as was the pins we have embryos. never put his trust in anyone and rightly so.
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his body was found on the floor of his huge empty house. but did he die of natural causes. the mystery of stone still. going on so you don't you mentoring. these children. they're serving a sentence just like their mother. little ones born in prison. for the crimes committed by their parents. kill babies on our t.v. .
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israel's prime minister made his feelings clearer than ever on iran benjamin netanyahu told a meeting of the u.s. most powerful israeli lobby is that negotiations with tehran were waste of time and only a military action might make the difference ortiz paullus leader reports on his hawkish message. the israeli prime minister is at it again a christian his favorite topic words alone will not stop iran sanctions alone will not stop iran sanctions must be coupled with a clear and credible military threat if diplomacy and sanctions fail strong statements from a leader emboldened by new grip on power on yahoo bourne's the american israel public affairs committee iran is using international negotiations to buy time so it can press ahead with its nuclear program
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a message he's warm to in the past. how do you stop well you have to put greater pressure on you have to upgrade the sanctions and they have to know that if the sanctions and diplomacy fails they will face a credible military threat that's essential nothing else will do the job and it's getting closer. so much for the sigh of relief many breached following last month's parliamentary elections the surprising win by same tempo peace political parties come to many to believe netanyahu would back down from the streets to strike iran ask those on the streets who voted against netanyahu they feel they missed it was clear take your finger off of the trigger in your threat to attack iran give economic sanctions and diplomacy a chance. but analysts on so sure netanyahu has any intention of toning down the rhetoric netanyahu is a man which is very much concerned about his position in history and he understands
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that now his third a prime ministership i'm afraid that one off the reasons that he would like to foster taking against iran is to place himself at the history of the israeli people and it's making the israeli public nervous about daniel been obvious company sells a system that provides ventilation in bomb shelters in times of chemical or biological attacks he says each time it on yahoo mentions he ran the number of queries goes up . some people prefer not to think of the threat but it's a bear and they know it so we have crimes just calling to find out about the system but who have difficulty deciding to buy one and then we have some people who are more alert these are the people who assume if there is some tension in the media will call and order the system you know a lot of worry is good for business and that's really how problem in israel we were
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so many money go. on that matter one is an israeli graphic designer who accidentally created an online movement after posting a facebook message declaring that israel would never bomb iran other israelis quickly created the own posters with the same message and he radians responded in kind but they're up against netanyahu and he's more powerful message i think a big part of it is people are voting out of fear out of you know. being afraid of the wall coming in he's the one you know i think the war will end just speculation about a possible israeli strike on iran is also keeping foreign investors away many away that while war might mean big business for some it spells disaster for others policy r.t. tell of. a power conference all those are hundreds of activists protesting against the u.s. close relationship with israel india benjamin a human rights campaigner thinks people should be concerned about the nature of the
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meeting. apac is really a danger to our national security a pac is pushing the policies of a foreign government in israel which is not always in the interests of the united states and i should say is not always in the interests of the israelis the there i think this push towards war with iran is disastrous for everybody in the region as well as us here in the united states we're looking at a conflagration of tremendous proportions so much so that there are those in the u.s. military that are trying to hard to stop this because they know how disastrous the u.s. getting into such a conflict would be in fact it would be very easy for iran to retaliate against u.s. embassies against u.s. troops that are stationed in many places around the world so i think that this push by apac is really something that all of us who are rational human beings and know that a war would be so disastrous have to pressure our president not to follow the lines
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of a pac and instead to pursue diplomacy but it's not just talk of conflict also talk of cash that's dominating this year's conference pro israeli lobbyist want to ensure aid to israel is exempt from the looming u.s. spending cuts we're just in your opinion on whether the cuts will affect israel let's see how the views are stacking up so far in our online poll so far almost half of the respondents think the israeli lobby won't allow the legislators fund to a slosh the funding but a third hold the opposite view saying that all foreign handouts must be reduced across the board regardless sixteen percent think the aid is just too important to the country survival to be cut and a minority just six percent think that the lobby will agree with you to the cuts but only if the us backs israel in a military strike on iran what do you think they'll want to r.t. dot com right now and click your vote.
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austerity protests across europe and empty government coffers latvia may not care the country still formally appealed for membership to the eurozone in two thousand and fourteen durkin epping a member of the european parliament says a lot of your wants to be and thinks last year wants to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. via wants to be a member of nato of the e.u. if the eurozone so want to be a member of a big a bloc nato i can imagine the e.u. i can't imagine the eurozone at the moment is not the right club to join because lead came out of the crisis in two thousand and ten and the economic recovery.
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actually led to is doing quite well so why does latvia want to lend to the eurozone if you have an economic crisis to come back to that yes. indeed it is though cannot leave and will have to stay in line to. leave those was a lot of suffering and that is the economic downside to perhaps the political advantage to the number of a bigger club. and still to come one having a home is just too costly skyrocketing real estate prices see berliners forced out as the highest bidders for a more prosperous regions grab the prime spots that's still to come. but first shocking photos have been shown at a public inquiry into allegations british troops killed and tortured iraqi soldiers after a firefight in two thousand and four u.k. militaries in niger argues that echo the horrific treatment suffered by detainees at the hands of u.s. troops in abu ghraib artie's poly boyko reports victims and families of victims say
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that british troops took a number of iraqis from the battlefield and then murdered and tortured them but the ministry of defense strenuously denied that british troops on lawfully killed and the iraqis in fact the evidence given by the ministry of defense is so different to the evidence provided by victims and their families that it was it's resulted in this very normal three year delay this inquiry was ordered back in two thousand and nine so three years later it's only just coming to fruition and i'm joined in the studio by christopher stanley of rights watch u.k. this isn't a first inquiry of its kind of already have this very embarrassing case of the killing of. back in two thousand and three is this potentially another big embarrassment for the british military it would be a big embarrassment if they allowed it to become one which i think is what they obviously do not want to know the embarrassment on the hounds because it was
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a damning inquiry against the ministry of defense against the process by which investigations when the taken against the death of innocence of the iraqi civilians they all trying to manage it and put a cap on it these are people getting away with grave human rights violations including killing without punishment or due process of law whether it's what you'll pay in law or international little it depends on the cost of how much you watch how much you want to spend on the stuff we spend a lot of money on leveson and the media inquiry into. hacking of so you know people in the public eye on this is about death and human rights violations and it calls for two million then that something would be become be swallowed as testimony from right thank you very much and of course the issue of iraq is a very sensitive one at the moment we've just heard reports that william hague the foreign minister has in a private memo the minister says not to talk about iraq in the run up to the ten year and the vast array of the invasion later this month elise arrested
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a suspect over an acid attack on the artistic director of moscow's ball shore theatre sergei filin no official details have been given out yet about who exactly was detained but he's reported to be male and not connected with the theatre back in january the attack or if you were a jar of concentrated acid in the face of the artistic director as he was walking out walking home one night damaging his eyesight believes he was targeted in an attempt to push him from his position with the prestigious theater. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe and israel and president hugo chavez suffering from a new serious respiratory infection he recently returned from cuba after cancer surgery and is now being cared for at the military hospital in caracas rallies in support of the president and protests by the opposition calling for more information about his health have been frequent over the last few weeks. syrian rebels claim to be in near total control of the key northern city of iraq
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this comes just after days of fighting with the syrian army who are holding out at the intelligence headquarters government troops also remain out of the city airport footage has emerged showing fighters destroying a statue of hafez al assad the former leader and father of the current president bashar al assad. or letters fear they may soon be forced out of the german capital because their income can't keep pace with rising housing costs real estate is becoming unaffordable for locals and people from richer areas are swooping in archy's peter all over has more who are both sexy but so the men lovingly described his city. now somebody is feel this way of life is coming under threat it was and. if you keep hearing kreuzberg we've seen big changes over the past ten years more and more apartment buildings have been built in areas where people traditionally used to rent what we're seeing is people being forced from their homes. real estate prices in berlin have shot up by thirty two percent since
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two thousand and seven well ahead of the german average this is resulted in some tenants being a victim as their rented flat says sold from underneath them prompting anger and demonstrations from those who see the city's identity being sold to the highest bidder isn't. our problem here is that berlin is turning into a city split between the haves and have nots rising prices of forced people who have lived here for years to move out and those who have come don't mix. this year has seen an increase in the amount of protests against the gentrification of lin as well as growing resentment towards other germans and foreigners moving into the city for the most part the public image of this still poor but sexy however times are changing the new emerging face of perlin is certainly stylish however it's also
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becoming increasingly an affordable due to the demand from people wanting to live and they desirable location economically viable and politically secure is becoming the place of choice for southern europeans to invest in during turbulent times in their own countries. count trends sells and rents property to italians. one of the main reasons our customers are buying here is that there is no trust in the italian economy or the banks people see an apartment in berlin as a good way to preserve the value of their stating this was about the claims that the real estate boom is stealing them in sold it this is a progress berlin is developing sure it presents some challenges but this is just the same as when the wall came down and people moved into new areas if anything this creates a multicultural. that makes britain what it is that this new housing developments
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are being built all around the city to try and accommodate demand however with rental prices having risen by ninety percent in the last decade it does seem that the writing is on the wall for the dream of an affordable life in the german capital. r.t. belin. more news in about a half hour first a look into the mysterious death of joseph stalin stay with us here on r.t. . john kerry made his first major verbal gaffe as secretary of state by mixing the nonexistent country of courage to stand in one of his speeches of course it is funny when politicians misspeak george bush was pretty good at that but i can say
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that we all make mistakes when we speak trust me it is very easy to butcher the pronunciation of some place on earth like coursed a loaf of all or walla walla washington the thing is that he didn't just misspeak his speech was written correctly and if you look at his eyes as he said it he wasn't really looking at notes or something he was reading it off of a teleprompter right now i am reading off a teleprompter but i put every word there myself which is probably why john kerry is spelled with a q but my question is would kerry and prompter mr obama just read anything put in front of them to they even really know the realities of the tiriel they're reading in their speeches if you were deeply versed on some subject and you should need to read word for word from the teleprompter to give a speech just try writing some notes and speaking with your brain and maybe your heart like in the good old days but that's just my opinion.
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sixty years ago there was only one person who could ride out of the kremlin spassky tower gate in an armored cis one one five soviet limousine he had power that any emperor would envy. this car belongs to joseph stalin driving home from work was no simple affair for the leader stalin used to sit on a special converted seat protected by guards on each side he trusted no one. the soviet leader strictly instructed the driver which way to go in the car would all.


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